Jabsco Shower Drain Pump 12V


  • New model single chamber diaphragm pump ideal for shower drain, sink drain or remote bilge pumping applications. Fits on exact footprint of old Jabsco model 37202 shower drain pump. Flexible installation – head rotates 360 degrees and also revolves around the motor joint so inlet and outlet ports can be set at any desired angle. A very robust pump that won’t clog and requires no filter.
  • Connections: – for 19mm (¾”) bore hose.
  • Dimensions: – 294 mm long, 159mm wide, 132mm high
  • Fuse Size: – 7(amp)
  • Maximum Current: – 6(amps)
  • Output: – up to 16 litres/minute (3.5 gallons/minute). Maximum recommended total head 6m
  • Robust, quiet single diaphragm design
  • No strainer required
  • Single diaphragm design allows extended dry running
  • Self-primes up to 3m (9.5ft) vertical lift
  • Multi-positional ports for easy mounting

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